FREE To All Kindle Users – This Weekend Only (June 20-21st, 2015)

*I thought I should let you all know about this weekend special.  “The Bridge”is the first book in my Para-Earth Series which includes “The Vampyre Blogs”.   Many of the events in this book and its sequel “The Ship”will be directly affecting our favorite vampyre, Nathaniel, who will be making his debut appearance in my third novel “The Door”.   With this in mind, I felt this might be a good opportunity to let you all meet some of the people he’ll be dealing with, as well as giving you all a paranormal adventure that will make you laugh, shiver, and even cry.  I’m also hoping it will leave you hungry for more, as “The Ship” will be available for FREE to all Kindle users next weekend.  So take advantage and start collecting the whole series and see where it all begins before Nathaniel shows you a different side to the Para-Earths that await you…  


“The Bridge”, book 1 in the Para-Earth Series, is FREE for all Kindle users through Amazon.

That’s right, you can now enjoy this 4 and 5 star for FREE!  This paranormal/mystery will introduce you to ghosts, psychics, shamans, and a whole new vision of parallel realities unlike anything you’ve ever read before.

So grab a copy for yourself and then tell everyone you know so they can take advantage of this 2-day opportunity, they’ll thank you for it.

Book 2 in the series will be available for FREE next weekend so you’ll have plenty of time to read “The Bridge” and be ready to find out what happens next.

Just click on the link below and start enjoying yourselves:

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