Nathan’s Private E-Journal – February 16, 2014 “My Odd Valentine’s Day Adventure” Part- I

Perhaps ‘Odd’ isn’t the right word for this entry, ‘Most Unique’ would probably be a better phrase to describe what happened this year.  Things certainly didn’t go as I’d planned, but at least Lisa is speaking to me again.  She’s given me the cold shoulder more than once over the years when I’ve broken one of my promises.  Heck who am I kidding, she doesn’t give you a simple cold shoulder.  That girl can give you a look so cold it would make the iceberg that sank the Titanic turn green with envy.

In fact we were visiting a zoo once when she shot me one of those looks.  We were standing next to the penguin exhibit, and I swear every bird in the enclosure closed ranks to keep warm like they do during an arctic storm.  Heck, I even tried joining them but they kicked me out as if to say, “Forget it, Pal!  You brought this on yourself and we’re suffering for it, now go take your medicine.”

Needless to say I made nice with Lisa as quickly as possible, while preventing a new global ice age in the process.

So what does all this have to do with Valentine’s Day?  Simple, I promised to spend it with her and… I didn’t make it.


 In my defense I had a perfectly good reason for being two days late.  You see it all started about a week ago…

I was attending a symposium that was taking place in Tromso, Norway, where one of my old Alma Maters is located.  I had attended the University of Tromso – Arctic University about seven years ago, thanks to Otto.  He had told me about their Master’s Program in Molecular Environmental Biology and thought it might help me gain some new insights to the symbiotic life form which shares and prolongs my existence.

He also pointed out that the timing of the classes coincided nicely with the seasonal Polar Nights in Norway, which meant I wouldn’t have to compete with the sun very much.  This suited me just fine of course, so of course I quickly enrolled.

Looking back I can easily say I enjoyed my time there.  Not only were there some wonderful concerts, but also the location of Tromso offered some of the most spectacular views of the Northern Lights.

Anyway, after the third day of the symposium, I was ready to move on.  I’d already listened to the speakers I was most interested in hearing from and didn’t feel like hanging around the campus.  So I made my way into the main city to explore the architecture and other sights Tromso had to offer.  I had just made my way down by the water and was enjoying looking up at the Northern Lights when I heard a familiar jovial voice saying, “Ah, here you are.  I see you decided to play hooky instead of attending my presentation.”

Turning I saw Otto walking up to me.  He was shaking his head and making tsk-tsk noises.  I could tell already by his manner that he had something on his mind, and it didn’t take a genius to figure out what it was.  Cleary he had learned of another possible Para-Earth incursion and he wanted me to come along to help make sure nothing came through that shouldn’t and vice-versa.

And looking back at that last sentence I realize now that I just zinged myself but good.  In my defense, our latest adventure has left me a little giddy but once you hear what happened you’ll understand.



“The Vampyre Blogs – Coming Home” will be arriving in exactly two weeks!


That’s right folks, Halloween will be arriving a couple of days early, so get ready to grab the next installment of the Para-Earth Series.  The novel will be available in all formats including Trade Paperback, Kindle, Nook, Apple, Sony and all other e-readers, as well as PDF for those who like reading books on their computers.

Within these pages you’ll meet a whole new breed of vampire who drinks blood, sleeps in the ground, avoids sunlight (because he’ll start to sparkle as in about to spontaneously combust), and cannot eat garlic.  Yet he’s also one of the best people you’d ever want have on your side in a bad situation, as any regular reader of this blog can tell you.

For those who haven’t met Nathan yet, here he is to say a few words:

“My name is Nathaniel Eoghan Stewart, in the Spring of 1862 I joined the Union Army to help end slavery and preserve our country.  As I left home, I promised my family I would not let the war change me… I was wrong, so very wrong… and yet I wouldn’t have it any other way.”

Keep watching this page for more entries from Nathan and some of the other characters whom you have and have not yet met within this blog.  There are a number of surprises awaiting you within the pages of this book, which is the first I have co-written with my amazing wife Helen who has been an integral part of the Para-Earth Series since I first began writing the series.  She has always been in the background advising and guiding me on scientific points to help make the beings who populate the various Para-Earths, more plausible.  But this novel is first one where she has actually helped write and introduce new characters who we hope you will look forward to seeing much more of in future installments.  I think you’ll agree we make a pretty great team.

For those who are new to this blog, I’ve attached a link below to the very first entry where Nathan introduces himself.  At the bottom of the entry (past the comment section) you will find the word “NEWER” which will take you to the next entry.  Or if you’re adventurous, you can search the Archives which is located to the right of this entry and explore the various stories awaiting you there.  Note: not all the entries are by Nathan.  Some are written by other characters who you will be meeting in the novel.  We hope you will enjoy what you find there, and look forward to the novel itself which contains the occasional reference to one of these many short tales.

In the meantime, rest assured that more short stories will continue to appear on this blog, including the conclusion to the current story “Fathers and Sons”.  Until then, happy reading and please help spread the word.  Thank you.